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Experiences promote stronger social and affective relationships than the present material.

Traveling with parents is far more important to children's emotional development than receiving gift or toys, and more enriching than any book. Research published in the Journal of Commercial Research has shown that family travel has a profound and lasting impact on the well-being and happiness of children.

It is about learning by doing, learning to flex, adapting to the unforeseen and improvising, experiencing other places, climates and traditions living them. It is also about training tolerance, broadening the mind and horizons. But it will, above all, be an emotional increment and an unparalleled affective strengthening.


The IBERIAN LYNX was born from the passion of making known new places, new cultures and other ways of living, to create stronger bonds between the parents and their children. We want parents and children to live sensory experiences that combine friendship, true emotions and unforgettable adventures.

We provide the best Solo Parent Family Tours & vacations!

Two bikes, a gentle trail, a little sense of adventure and the occasional heel praised by your child - is a simple recipe of adventure and happiness that anyone can choose. Here, Matt Hunter - a prodigious bike adventurer - takes his son Robbie for a night out in Kamloops, BC. Watch this moment of complicity and tenderness the father and son of the Hunter Trail.